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WordPad Download software is a basic and functional text editor for PC download free latest software and reviews. The WordPad Download Free Latest Software reviews for Windows 10 is a full offline installer setup for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

WordPad Download Overview

It is a basic word processor that is completed almost by all versions of Microsoft Windows. WordPad Download It has higher advancement than Microsoft Notepad but it is simpler than Microsoft Works Word Processor and Microsoft Word. In this case, WordPad replaces Microsoft Write Download WordPad.
Developer Microsoft WordPad
Download Download

General Information

WordPad was first introduced in Windows 95 as a replacement for Microsoft Write. All of the previous versions of Windows were brought by WordPad which were then distributed by Microsoft as a Microsoft Foundation Classes sample application.
One of the previous features is the default font used. It was Arial 10 which was transferred from Windows 95 to Windows Vista. WordPad Download But it was soon changed to Calibri 11 in Windows 7.
Now WordPad is supplied by some vendors on a pre-installation of Windows CE. The functionality works well and is very simple. Meanwhile, the icon of this word processor looks like the icon of the early Microsoft Word icon.
It presents the user and the easy-handling features in which you can make use of the functionality maximally. Check them out below WordPad Download.
WordPad Download

An efficient and basic text editor

But what was so great about it if it was worse than Word? Well, it was free of charge. However, from Windows 7 (the latest stable update was released for this OS) it’s no longer built into the system, but now downloadable from Microsoft’s store.
Well, there’s no need to make a drama about it: you can download alternative versions for free to make the most of all the features that one of the most functional text editors on the market can offer you WordPad Download.
So now that you know what it’s all about, we can confirm that its idiosyncrasy of simple design and use is still fully valid. WordPad Download With an interface similar to Office’s Word (with which it’s impossible not to compare it), it’s much more basic.
It’s perfect for those users that only need a functional tool to shape up their texts without requiring important formatting functions (in that case they can download alternative office packs such as LibreOffice if they don’t want to pay a cent).

Main features

WordPad Download We’re probably talking about one of the best, if not the best, free basic text editor. Its download is worthwhile simply due to the fact that we can guarantee that it’s compatible with Microsoft’s files and formats:
  • Types of compatible documents: PDF, TXT, DOC, DOCX, and RTF or rich text format.
  • Open files from your local unit.
  • PDF text viewer.
  • Simple editing of Word files.
  • Printing function.
  • Page breaks.
  • Search for keywords and text chains.
However, in WordPad 10 we can also find certain aspects that definitely need to be improved. For instance, it doesn’t offer us an online document downloader, nor the possibility to convert the format of PDF documents. WordPad Download We also miss an eBook reader and its translation into different languages. Let’s hope they correct that sometime soon.
WordPad Download

WordPad’s Ability Download WordPad

WordPad’s ability has all its functions to support you working on producing documents. Those are the ability to format and print the text. Download WordPad The features include fonts, bold, italic, colored and centered text and etc. This software could read, render, and save much Rich text Format (RTF).

It is also well suited for taking notes, writing letters and stories. It is also proper to be used in many types of tablets, PCs, and smartphones. It means that the use of WordPad in mobile devices allows you to easily do all of your document making supported by the sufficient features needed.

Natively Support RTF Microsoft WordPad

It natively supports RTF although not all of the features in RTF are supporting. However, the previous version of WordPad has supported the format of “Word for Windows 6.0” which is compatible with the format of Microsoft Windows.

Full Unicode Supports

Another feature of WordPad is the full Unicode supports which allow it to support multiple languages. In this case, the files will be saved as Unicode text which is encoded as UTF-16 LE. Download WordPad This feature enables you to type documents written in the desired language. Then you will be able to save the documents as the Unicode text.

Most used Wordpad Shortcut keys

WordPad Shortcut keys will allow you to carry out the task through the keyboard which would rather utilize the mouse and various steps to perform the particular task Download WordPad. For Example, to open the New Document in WordPad you would carry out the following steps with the mouse. Go to the File Tab > Click on New. However, simply by pressing Ctrl + N shortcut key, the new document will open in the WordPad.
Create a new document Ctrl + N
Open existing document Ctrl + O
Save changes to a document Ctrl + S
Save the document as a new file F12
Print a document Ctrl + P
Close Wordpad Alt + F4
Undo a Changes Ctrl + Z
Redo changes Ctrl + Y
Select the entire document Ctrl + A
Cut a selection Ctrl + X
Copy a selection to the Clipboard Ctrl + C
Paste a selection from the Clipboard Ctrl + V
Make selected text bold Ctrl + B
Italicize selected text Ctrl + I
Underline selected text Ctrl + U
Make selected text subscript Ctrl + =
Make selected text superscript Ctrl + Shift + =
Align text left Ctrl + L
Align text center Ctrl + E
Align text right Ctrl + R
Justify text Ctrl + J

Keyboard shortcuts are mostly used to make your task easy and convenient. Learn Wordpad Shortcut keys. Just like the various Microsoft Windows programs like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Many more WordPad are one of those. Download WordPad We can say that WordPad is an advanced version of Notepad (link) but much simpler than Microsoft Word.
Set single line spacing Ctrl + 1
Set double line spacing Ctrl + 2
Set line spacing to 1.5 Ctrl + 5
Increase the font size Ctrl + Shift + >
Decrease the font size Ctrl + Shift + <
Change characters to all capitals Ctrl + Shift + A
Change the bullet style Ctrl + Shift + L
Insert a Microsoft Paint drawing Ctrl + D
Find text in a document Ctrl + F
Find the next instance of the text in the Find dialog box F3
Replace text in a document Ctrl + H
Move the cursor one word to the left Ctrl + ←
Move the cursor one word to the right Ctrl + →
Move the cursor to the line above Ctrl + ↑
Move the cursor to the line below Ctrl + ↓
Move to the beginning of the document Ctrl + Home
Move to the end of the document Ctrl + End
Move up one page Ctrl + PageUp
Move down one page Ctrl + PageDown
Delete the next word Ctrl + Delete
Display key tips F10
Show the current shortcut menu Shift + F10
Open WordPad Help F1

Run-on Windows CE 5.0

This word processor is able to run on Windows CE 5.0, particularly Windows XP Tablet PC Edition SP2 and Windows Vista. The feature that is coming along with is speech recognition. Download WordPad Thus, the dictation into WordPad is possible. It also supports the grammar and spell check now.
Meanwhile, for Windows Vista, WordPad’s ability to read Microsoft Word DOC files removed due to the incorrect rendering and formatting problems Download WordPad.


After all, it can be concluded that WordPad is very useful as a word processor which you can adopt as your software. Its ability and its support to the document make it is quite sufficient to Download WordPad.

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